Stuffed Buffalo Chicken

Stuffed Buffalo Chicken ShellIngredients3 cups shredded chicken1 -16 ounce ricotta cheese, whipped¼ cup butter, unsalted1 cup your choice Buffalo Flavor Sauce, such as Frank’s Red Hot16 ounces large shell pastaSalt and pepper to taste, (optional)2 cups Monterey Jack cheeseHow To Make Stuffed Buffalo Chicken ShellReheat the shredded chicken in a skillet for just a few minutesMelt in the butter with the shredded chicken and add in the cayenne pepperUsing a cheesecloth, squeeze as much of the liquid as possible from the ricotta cheese.In a bowl, place the cheese in and add the shredded chickenRefrigerate this mix for at least 3 hours.Cook the large shell pasta in lightly salted water, do not cook until al dente’, you want the pasta still slightly firmDrain the pastaPreheat the oven to 350*Lightly spray a 9×13 pan with nonstick sprayUsing a cookie scoop, fill each shell with some of the fillingPlace the shells into the prepared baking panSprinkle with Monterey Jack cheese on top of each shellBake for 15 to 20 minutes, do not over-bake, you do not want crispy shells

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